red headDo you look at yourself in the mirror and think... “I wonder what color would look the best on me?” The answer is simple. You have either warm skin tones or cool skin tones. Hair color has the ability to bring out those skin tones when chosen correctly. What color are your eyes? What is your personality? All these questions must be considered when choosing your particular color. We will help you find just the right color or colors and placement of color that will look great!

Hair color maintenance... is an important factor in your final decision on color.

With permanent color, will you be committed to coming into the salon every 5-6 weeks to refresh your color? There are all sorts of options for you to consider when choosing hair color. If not perhaps, foils with highlights or lowlights might be a better choice for you.

Semi permanent color fades off your hair with ease and can last up to 10 weeks. It will not make your hair lighter, but a shade or two darker with a tone to compliment your skin looks wonderful. We will carefully discuss all your options, color, pricing, your time investment, etc. Get all the facts for an informed decision on your part and have fun. Hair color is an easy way to change your mind about how you feel looking in the mirror. And enjoy a FREE $35 value "We Care Consultation".

Hair Color Correction

Hair Color is fun and exciting... When you’ve attempted HOME hair color and when the time is up, you look in the mirror and you’re orange or black or any color in between and it’s not the hair color on the box, relax, we’re your correction experts.

Through careful color consultation... we will fix home hair color gone wrong. Keeping hair in great condition during hair color correction is the most important thing for your hair. Expert Color Correction will ease your mind and we can improve the condition of your hair through correct product recommendation.