cuts pic 2Dimensional Hair Color when formulated correctly...

Color can be used with minimal damage to the outside layer of your hair. This leaves your hair shiny and the target color that you desire, a fabulous color. A very natural effect. Come in for a FREE color consultation and find out which color will look the best on you, taking into consideration your wardrobe, eye color and natural hair color level. If you’re still getting foils and it’s leaving your hair brittle and dry, talk to us, we’re listening and we’ve got answers.

You can highlight with minimal upkeep...depending on how much hair is colored. A partial foiling makes your hair look like you’ve been in the sun, stunning and you can always add more highlights anytime you would like.

...If you’ve ever had blonde highlights in your hair, the natural or artificial color is removed from hair. This is done by using “bleach” or another “decolorizer” to remove the pigment. This process is used because most clients and colorists, desire a blonde effect without brassy or gold tones. Then the hair is toned down. The unwanted warmth is eliminated by adding yet, another color. This is extremely damaging to your hair.